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Some of my favorite web-comics

I love a good story, well-told, with interesting and multi-dimensional characters. It doesn’t matter what genre nor what medium is used to present the story, though I am biased toward something I can read, whether on-screen or printed, as opposed to something I simply sit and watch.

One source of stories is on-line, serially-published graphic novels, better known as web-comics. In this form, the story progresses one or two pages at a time which appear anywhere from once a month to daily. The most common schedule is to post one page once a week on a particular day though twice a week is rather common as well.

There are a lot of comics out there so whether your tastes run to steampunk, fantasy, drama, comedy, gag-a-day, adventure, superheroes, or something else, you are almost certainly going to find something of interest to you.

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Currently updating comics (in no particular order):

Tigress Queen

Fox & Willow

Gifts of Wandering Ice

My Hero

Maiden of the Machine

The Children of Eldair

The Serpent, the Sinner, and the Saint


Wilde Life

Incomplete but currently on hiatus (in no particular order):

Far to the North

Out of My Element

Completed but well worth reading (in order of declining length):

The Phoenix Requiem

The Phoenix Requiem

The Phoenix Requiem

Boston Metaphysical Society

There are many more out there. Hope you find something you like. One source you might wish to try is Top Web Comics which is an ongoing monthly popularity poll with over twelve thousand web-comics in their listings.